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Helix Vodka 1L


SKU 38708



Sourced from the highest quality, hand-picked wheat from the Champagne region of France; the result is in an ultra-premium spirit of unsurpassed character. This spirit then undergoes a series of filtrations and is blended with pure Icelandic water, which has a very low mineral content and high alkaline level; ensuring Helix Vodka a clean, cr

Paul & Kristjan have created a spirit that is compellingly packaged and priced for the professional and home bar alike. A quality distillate proofed down with the finest glacial water, Helix Vodka is an elevated spirit, without the lofty price tag. As they describe, “It’s a marriage between a spirit of France and the water of Iceland.” 

Category Vodka
Country France
Region Champagne
Brand Helix
Alcohol/vol 40%